A full-stop to bullying.

Soothe is an independent watchdog whose technology provides a transparent reporting system for NHS employees who face bullying for raising concerns over issues such as patient safety.

Problem worth solving

Bullying within public sector organisations, particularly the NHS has been a problem for decades ultimately resulting in the UK secretary of state asking for a review which was carried out by Sir Robert Francis QC: Freedom to Speak Up.

Bullying within the workplace is often a precursor to mental health issues such as stress and Soothe was developed as a workplace-based platform to encourage staff to report concerns to the NHS Guardian with no fear of reprisal and help shine a light on some of the issues faced within our NHS.

Spotlight on the problem

Everyone is aware of the problem faced within some organisations however it has become second-nature, even after the appointment of the NHS guardian, to 'keep the problem in-house' with some NHS workers being pressured to downplay their own experiences when inspections are taken out by watchdogs such as the CQC.

Soothe provides the tool to enable organisation heads to ‘see’ up to granular detail, not only a report of bullying but the location of the incident, the instances and more easily identify trends to root out any underlying problems and deploy support where necessary.

For individuals outside of the organisation, it provides an overwatch to the data Soothe uses to provide its 'Organisation Mental Health' check.

Our Technology

Soothe is a new type of organisation called a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) whose structure is managed entirely by autonomous programs written in the script language Solidity called 'Smart Contracts'.

The reporting application is governed by a series of smart contracts which manage the system with all actions transparent and reviewable on a serverless computer, whilst upholding the anonymity of its users.

This means the reporting system never experiences downtime, is available to users at any time and makes reports of bullying within an organisation; entirely visible to individuals outside of the organisation.

The Statistics